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Web Development

VirtualXone are specialists in web design and development based in the heart of the UK, malady in Milton Keynes. Our qualified website developers and software engineers utilise the latest web technologies to create web solutions of any complexity, generic from e-commerce and price comparison sites to hotel booking systems. We have qualified, professional personnel capable of giving you exactly what you want.

Devolopers or designers?

There is a huge difference between “web designers” and “web developers”.

A web designer typically refers to someone who creates small websites, usually a graphic designer will create the website which is essentially an online brochure, containing some images and text and perhaps a contact form.

A “web developer” on the other hand is someone who uses his/her skills to create more complex developments. Web developers are software engineers who make use of elements such as databases and programming code to control websites and their visitors according to specific business rules. Examples of these kinds of sites would be, price comparison sites or an Intranet site and e-commerce sites.

Any client in need of a high quality website that is optimised and easy to maintain requires a bespoke website created by a web developer. Perhaps you need a solution which is complex and dynamic, you would require the services of a web developer such as VirtualXone.

Visually the site has to be appealing too, VirtualXone have in-house graphic designers to help you create a professional looking website whilst retaining your corporate image.

If you are in need of a complex web solution and would like to know more, you can discuss your requirements with our web developers by using the form below.


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